Carpet or Hardwood Floor: Which One Should You Choose for Your Home?

Carpeting Flooring

Floors are a fundamental part of the house. You need to consider many things before selecting the flooring option for your home, including durability, aesthetics, safety, and cost. There are multiple flooring options available in the market. Hardwood floors are a common sight in most homes. However, carpet floors have cropped up as a trending flooring option nowadays.

There are many flooring companies offering carpets. Why should you invest in a carpet flooring option? Although hardwood floors have ample benefits, many also invest in carpet floors.

What is the difference between carpet and hardwood flooring options?

Floor durability

Hardwood floors are a preferred option because they are durable. However, when installed well, carpet floors last for many years. With proper care, carpet floors will last over fifteen years, while hardwood floors will last for ten years or more.

Skin comfort 

Compared to hardwood floors, carpet floors are more comfortable to the skin. They are soft and have a comfortable texture. On the other hand, hardwood floors are hard, slippery, and rough. A carpet floor is a good option if you have children, older adults or pets at home. On the other hand, a hardwood floor might pose a risk for children because they might get hurt if they fall.


When you invest in the installation of a carpet floor, it is a one-time investment. You can use the floor without repair or replacement for a long time. The tre-flooring cost can be high if you’re planning to install hardwood floors. The price will also depend on where you want the flooring installed and how big the space is.

Design options 

You can get many design options with carpet flooring, but this is more limited with a hardwood flooring option. For instance, you can match the carpet floor design, colour, and texture with the interior interiors. However, the design and colour of hardwood floors are limited. Hence, if you want to avail yourself of a diverse range of designs, carpet flooring is a feasible option.

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Vital Signs Indicating It’s Time to Try a New Flooring Option


Decorating the floors of your property is a crucial decision that upgrades its aesthetic factors. When talking about quality flooring, you might come across myriad options. You must determine the options according to the material quality, aesthetic value and other vital factors.

The Importance of Carpet Flooring

Among the range of options, you would surely stumble upon carpet flooring. Carpets in Sevenoaks are a popular flooring choice, but you should be careful about their maintenance. By checking a few factors, it would be easier to determine if your existing carpet flooring needs a replacement.

When to Try A New Flooring Fixture?

Certain indications may tell you to replace your carpet flooring. We have pointed them out in the following section.

Outdated Styles: Home interior design trends evolve rapidly. The carpet you installed a couple of years back may not seem appealing at the current time. Therefore, you can modernise the floor’s appearance by installing a brand-new carpet. It can add value, flair and elements of sophistication to your property.

Avoid Allergy and Other Diseases: While ageing, the floors can evolve to become potential breeding grounds for allergens and other microbes. Not only does it affect indoor air quality, but it also becomes a potential cause for different diseases. You can remove the old carpet flooring altogether and install hypoallergenic fixtures as a viable option. This can improve the air quality significantly.

Discomfort and Poor Insulation: As a homeowner, you might know how proper flooring contributes to insulating the property. If you observe signs of poor insulation, it is an indication that you should consider new flooring fixtures. You can try contemporary flooring solutions, like carpets. It offers you superior insulation and turns your property interior into a more comfortable space.

Wear and Tear: It is one of the prime indicators that you need new flooring fixtures. It is a definitive sign that affects the overall aesthetic of your home and causes potential safety hazards. Look out for worn-out carpets, deep scratches or badly torn areas. Replace the existing installation to rejuvenate the space effectively.

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Why Is Carpet Flooring Better Compared to Hardwood Flooring Options?

Carpet Flooring

Carpet or hardwood floors are the most common flooring options, and they are economical and aesthetic. However, there are vast differences between both. While carpet floors are soft, hardwood floors are hard in texture and last longer. Yet, you’ll come across people preferring carpets over hardwood flooring options. Do you need clarification about your choices? Contact a professional flooring expert to get insight into the advantages.

For good quality carpets in Oxted, make sure that you contact a professional flooring expert. Read on to learn more about the benefits of carpet floors over hardwood floors.

Carpet floors vs. hardwood floors


Aesthetics and appearance

Unlike hardwood floors, you can experiment with carpet flooring options. They are available in different colours, textures and designs that will effectively meet your interior decor requirements. Moreover, unlike wooden floors, they are comfortable on bare feet. They are soft to the touch compared to hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are also appealing to the eyes; however, you will need a variety of designs or textures.

Maintenance and cleaning

If you’re suffering from allergies, carpet floors are not a feasible choice. On the contrary, you do not have to think about the daily cleaning and maintenance process with carpet floors. They can be washed with chemical solutions once a month. On the other hand, hardwood floors must be cleaned almost daily with wet mops to remove stains and dirt.

Durability and lifespan

Frequent vacuuming and checking for stains can help you preserve your carpet floors for a long time. On the contrary, a hardwood floor must be maintained and cared for to increase its longevity and lifespan. Moreover, carpet floors cut off the noises generated by footsteps. On the other hand, hardwood floors generate unpleasant noises that might disturb the house’s ambience.

Safety concerns

In most carpets, synthetic fibres are used, making them highly resistant to water damage. However, wooden floors only soak water and can become slippery if cleared off properly. For people with kids on their own, carpets are the best option since there’s no risk of getting hurt if you skid and fall on the other hardwood floors, which are hard in texture and will hurt the person who falls on them.

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