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Carpet Installation

How Can You Measure Your Space During Carpet Installation?

When discussing options for flooring in the residential space, you will come across many options. From traditional wood flooring to lamination, you can take your pick to make your room look more aesthetic. Carpet flooring is one of the leading alternatives among all the available options.

The Challenges in Measuring Carpet for Floors:

While carpet installation is a complete floor design solution, some challenges exist. The professionals generally face problems with the measurements of a room. Now, every room does not come in a specific geometric shape. Otherwise, the process would have become a piece of cake.

How do you measure floors correctly for carpet installation?

As a homeowner, you can follow various things to get proper floor measurements. This will enhance the quality of carpet installation in Horsham. You can find more about this in the following section of this blog.

  • Measure the Carpet Perimeter: While measuring the overall perimeter of the carpet, you will get an idea of the widest and longest part of your room. Start by measuring the walls, corner to corner. Then, draw the perimeter on a piece of paper with respect to your measurements and the block values assigned. Multiply the length and breadth of the room in order to get the approximate square footage of the room.
  • Consider the Installation Type: Primarily, there are two types of carpet installation process. You can either opt for wall-to-wall carpets or install them according to the seams. Make sure to leave some space from the seam so that the installed carpet reflects the finest look of your room. If you have certain fixtures in the room, you may need to customise by cutting the carpets accordingly.
  • Measure Carpet for Stairs: When you measure carpet for the floors, it is vital to measure the perimeter for the stairs as well. First, count the number of steps on your stairs. Then, you should separately count the winders as well. Look out for treads with non-parallel front and back edges. You must follow a different approach for measuring the turning stairs, as they come with different dimensions.

These are some vital things to remember while you are measuring stairs for your home. If you want the help of a professional in installing the carpets, you must communicate with Silverdale Flooring. You can remain assured of getting the finest carpet measurement and installation assistance from our team of experts. With 15 years of industrial experience, we can offer you a premier, unparalleled service. For more details, you can visit our website today.